What is The Woodshed Network?
2019 Alumnae: Darynn Dean, Kennedy, Sequoia Snyer, Erinn Alexis, Amina Scott and Sarah Hanahan with Jett Galindo, Jaclyn Sanchez, Tulani Bridgewater and Dee Dee Bridgewater (holding dog)
"Music is the universal language... it brings people together." Ella Fitzgerald
A vision became a mission...

The Woodshed Network is a collaboration between Dee Dee Bridgewater, DDB Productions, Bridgewater Artists Management, and 651 ARTS with funding by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

It was conceived as a program for Women in Jazz, to provide educational resources, professional support and accelerate careers through mentorship, knowledge sharing and community interaction.

The Woodshed Network is specifically tailored to women, both in focus and leadership. A team of mentors will address the unique concerns of women in the Jazz community. 

Our goal is to shift the culture and environment towards one that embraces, celebrates and supports women, who have and continue to contribute so much to this unique art form.

We are actively engaged in bringing about real and equitable change, as such we are committed to the fullest expression of diversity and inclusion.


Statistics related to Women in the Music Industry
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