Team Woodshed
Woodshed Network Logo by Tulani Bridgewater
Dee Dee Bridgewater, Artistic Director
Dee Dee Bridgewater: Photo by Joe Martinez  (Illustration by Leo Jiminez)
Tulani Bridgewater Kowalski, Associate Artistic Director
Tulani Bridgewater Kowalski: Photo by Tulani Bridgewater Kowalski  (Illustration by Leo Jiminez)
651 Arts Logo
Monica Williams, Director of Programming & Chief Curator
Monica Williams (Illustration by Tulani Bridgewater)
Robert W. Henderson, Jr., Production Manager
Linda Walton, Woodshed Network Consultant
David Roberts, Executive Director
Raelle Myrick-Hodges, 2019 Program Director
Rachel Harris, 2019 Production Coordinator
Cameron-Mitchell Ware, 2019 Project Manager
Artwork by Leo Jiminez and Tulani Bridgewater-Kowalski
DDB Productions & DDB Records
Bridgewater Artists Management
651 Arts