Women in Jazz Organization
WOMEN IN JAZZ ORGANIZATION intends to help level the playing field in Jazz, so that women and non-binary people have equal opportunity to participate in and contribute to Jazz, leading to an improved and more rich, diverse, and successful art form.WIJO is committed to honoring Black Americans as the creators of Jazz.
Equal Women at Full Volume Powered by Sound Girls
EQUAL is Spotify’s global evergreen program fostering equity for women in music, with sister programs in 35 markets spanning over 50 countries, from Japan to Argentina, from Malaysia to the UK.Through celebrating audio professionals who are women of all experiences and non-binary audio engineers and creators, we believe The EQUAL Directory has the power to create a positive feedback loop - when more diverse people are seen running a recording session or commanding the mixing console, people of all genders will feel empowered to enter these fields.Search the directory now for potential team members or upload your resume free and claim your space in the community of women changing the face of audio.
She Is the Music
SHE IS THE MUSIC is a nonprofit organization increasing the number of women working in music – songwriters, engineers, producers, artists and industry professionals.We are an independent, global network that operates as a unifying organization for women from across the industry, creating strength and impact on a global scale. As an umbrella nonprofit, we also provide resources and support for women-focused initiatives that are working to create meaningful change – both through our own programs, as well as external efforts around the world.Programs include an all-women songwriting series, industry database of women creators and mentorship program, with more to come. Our initiatives serve women in the industry today while fostering the development of future generations.A first-of-its-kind collaboration spanning the music industry, SITM is powered by creators, publishers, record labels, talent agencies, industry groups, media companies, streaming services, and more.Together, we are creating change for women and building an equal future for music.
International Women in Jazz
INTERNATIONAL WOMEN IN JAZZ (IWJ) is a non-profit organization 501(c)3 and is committed to supporting women jazz artists and related professionals. We recognize and acknowledge the contributions women make to jazz worldwide. Through our programs, IWJ provides information and assistance to its members, thus standing dedicated to actively ensuring a place for women as a vital part of the past, present, and future of Jazz.
Women in Jazz
WOMEN IN JAZZ ASSOC., INC. was founded by Pamela and Kevin Hart to provide Women in Jazz Concert Series and Vocal Performance Workshops for performance opportunities and experiences of professional and amateur jazz vocalists in the Austin metropolitan area. Women in Jazz Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.  The Board of Directors currently consists of Betty Adams, Kevin Hart, Pamela Hart, Tommy Johnson, Anitra Jones, Dwayne Jones, and Charelesa Russell.Austin, Texas, “the live music capital of the world,” can boast of very little live music that includes jazz vocals. Since the venues in Austin that consistently provide jazz music book vocalists much less than other musicians, jazz vocalists create their own entertainment venues in Austin.  Women in Jazz Concert Series is the outgrowth of the need for a performance venue for women jazz vocalists.
Women's Audio Mission
WOMEN'S AUDIO MISSION is a San Francisco / Oakland-based nonprofit organization that uses music and media and an incredible “carrot” of a training environment –  the only professional recording studio in the world built and run by women –  to attract over 2,000 underserved women and girls every year to STEM and creative technology studies that inspire them to amplify their voices and become the innovators of tomorrow.
The F-List directory of UK women in music
THE F-LIST is the first directory of its kind to feature up-to-date information on UK-based female* musicians, songwriters and composers. Many event or festival organisers want to promote female artists but don’t know how or where to find them outside of their own network. The F-List solves this problem. With thousands of professional musicians who are currently signed to labels across all genres of music, this directory makes it easy to search for, and discover, great female talent. And as more women upload their music and information onto the site it will keep growing as a resource, like a wiki for UK female musicians. The F-List is a growing community, supported by a not-for-profit Community Interest Company, that’s committed to creating a future where gender equality is celebrated and properly represented throughout the music industry. 
Women in Jazz Media
WOMEN IN JAZZ MEDIA is a not for profit organization created to help support and create an equal, diverse, safe and healthy Jazz Industry. We are a team of writers, photographers, painters, musicians, presenters, journalists, producers, editors and more and are based in China, Spain, Germany, Scotland and England but have roots in France, Italy, Jamaica, Poland, Mauritius and beyond and collectively speak 8 languages.
WOMEN SOUND OFF is a platform celebrating creative women from all industries and walks of life. They are focused on empowering, educating, and connecting women throughout their creative entrepreneur journeys. From music and media to tech and art, they work to create powerful and safe spaces for women to form alliances and have their voices heard.
Women in Vinyl

WOMEN IN VINYL works to:
Empower women, female-identifying, non-binary, LGBTQ+, BIPOC and otherwise marginalized humans working in the industry to create, preserve and improve the art of music on vinyl.Inspire, and create role models to support minorities of all kinds within the community in finding their way to the vinyl industry with purpose and not by chance.Support and empower women, female-identifying, non-binary, LGBTQ+, BIPOC and otherwise marginalized people working in the vinyl industry from cutting engineers, and record labels, to pressing plants, and those running or working in record stores; by showcasing their successes and providing a place for them to connect, network, and share their experiences and advice.Support career development, and provide tools to help those working in the field advance in their career; to expand opportunities in these fields and to share resources and knowledge through demystification, education, collaboration, and diversity
Women in Music
WOMEN IN MUSIC is an organization with a mission to advance the awareness, equality, diversity, heritage, opportunities, and cultural aspects of women in the musical arts through education, support, empowerment, and recognition.
Female Frequency
FEMALE FREQUENCY is a community dedicated to empowering female, transgender & non-binary artists through the creation of music that is entirely female generated. 
Amplify Her Voice!
AMPLIFY HER VOICE is an online platform that boldly confronts gender inequality in the music industry. We are dedicated to helping advance the careers of women in music through educational, networking, and creative opportunities. With these initiatives, we aim to provide our community the tools and support to confidently pursue a career in the music industry.
The Women's International Music Network
THE WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL MUSIC NETWORK™ brings together women from all facets of the music industry. The organization produces events, creates opportunities for performance and networking and works to bring the conversation around diversity in the industry into the forefront. The WiMN seeks to create a hub to connect women in all facets of the music industry and works to expose role models, events and educational opportunities that  focus on women in music. 
KEYCHANGE is a movement fighting for a sustainable music industry. We support talented but underrepresented artists and encourage organisations to take a pledge for gender equality. As we manifest this goal together, Keychange champions statistics, achievements, and our roster of talent, allies and leaders.
The Woodshed Network is a Keychange affiliated organization.
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